Choice of Happiness.

What does happiness look like to me?

Every second of every day people are trying to figure out what makes them happy. We’re all taught the cliches of happiness at a very young age; love, money, success, family. So why then, are finding these things so difficult for all of us? The issue with happiness and what it should look like is that happiness is made out to be such a complicated quest. The reality of the matter is that happiness can be found in the smallest memory, or even the shortest moment.

Happiness, to me, is waking up every morning next the person I love more than anything in this world. Happiness is made even sweeter with my morning cup of coffee. Happiness is cuddling with my puppy and talking to him as though he will miraculously respond back to me someday. Happiness is hugging each of my family members as though it could be the last hug we ever share. Happiness is telling my family how much I love them. Happiness is looking the the mirror and knowing that I am growing up to be my mother’s daughter. Happiness is an inside joke with the closest of friends. Happiness is all around me. Happiness, most importantly of all, is a choice.

Each day we need to choose to be happy. There are so many clouds in our life that could take away happiness. Negativity, doubt, fear, dishonesty; the scariest of all of this is that our biggest cloud (or obstacle) can be ourselves. Herein lies the complication of happiness. We can choose to be happy or we can choose sadness. Every second of every day we must make the choice to be happy. Only then can true happiness exist.