individualism i…

individualism is wealth of the heart and mind and not of the pocket.

I read this quote in a recent reflective essay that was written by one of my students. It really spoke to me. He used this quote to describe his passion, which is creative art and graphic design. The essay was a phenomenal piece and has really inspired me to continue the pursuit of my dream, which is to live in my art. 


What in the world will this blog be about?

This blog will discuss the daily trials and tribulations of a lady stuck in this wonderful world of ours. I will write about anything and everything that is on my mind, and I will take suggestions from any readers on blog topics that I should discuss. There will be a plethora of creative writing pieces on this blog as well, especially the beginnings of books and poems that pop up into my head. I hope you enjoy, and if you don’t well I tried. Kind of.