The Butterfly Effect

There is no idea that gets me going like the belief/debate behind the butterfly effect. Thinking that one small piece of the grandiose puzzle of life can affect the whole darn thing is pretty amazing. And terrifying. I think the craziest part is that I TOTALLY and full heartedly believe in this idea. Every single decision we make, no matter how big or small, can affect everything else in our life. The people, the outcomes and most importantly who we are as a person. Before I get into the million examples that prove this point to me (kidding, I won’t explain that many) here is what I believe:

Do I believe in a higher power? Totally. Do I think that dude (or lady or being or whatever) is sitting there moving pieces on a chess board that blindly leads my life? Absolutely not. I think that this higher power has an infinite amount of possibilities and paths for every single person (or puppy even) and which path you take is entirely up to you. And then from that path there are even more paths and possibilities for you to take. Here’s where that pesky butterfly comes in; there are so many outliers that can affect your path and overall, your decisions. Honestly, I think that these outliers can be chalked up to weird coincidences. Cogs in the wheel of life, if you will, that completely change a decision you may have originally had.

Major example: my love story. Everyone has one (eventually). That “oh how did you guys meet” small talk dinner conversation. So Ryan and I met when I was in college. He worked at what would become my favorite candy store. The only reason it became my favorite is because my aunt told me how crazy cool this place was, so my Mom and I went to get some treats after my orientation Freshman year. Now, there are a lot of moving parts to this puzzle: what if Ryan had not been working that day? What if we had decided to not go get candy from Goodies? What if later on I had decided not to stalk Ryan (okay maybe that one doesn’t count). The other weird pieces are where I would see Ryan outside of Goodies: was there some weird butterfly flapping her wings to ensure that our paths would cross multiple times so that I would get the hint? The craziest part is how many people have this type of story: if you had gone to a different gym, store, college, park, really anywhere, would you have met your soulmate?? And which soulmate would you meet (because let’s be honest, we could go on for hours debating that idea that we all have one true soulmate or several).

All in all, we hold the key to each door that opens up for us. No other person can or entity can change that. But can we really just say that there is no outside theory at play here? Well played butterfly, and thanks for flapping your wings in the right direction.


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