On Being Mad

So in the real world when you’re mad, you can’t simply go up to someone and beat the shit out of them like you want to. You must behave like a civilized adult and “talk it out”. This statement remains especially true when the asshole you want to cunt punt happens to work with you. So here’s the saga of the day:

Some anus at work informed my students that I have been laid off next year. Don’t worry – it was simply because of budget cuts and at a private school this is too often the case. My bosses are devastated and assure me of this fact daily, at times more than once. I may rant about teaching and the failing education system in our country, but I still love the kids I teach (even when they make me want to pull my hair out of my head). I was saving the bad news of next year for the end of the year, or at least until I had found a new job to frolic off to. BUT THIS GUY TOLD ALL OF HIS CLASSES TODAY THAT I WAS GETTING LAID OFF. Did he consult me before doing this? No. Did he come and talk to me about being laid off at all? No. Are him and I at all close? DOUBLE NO. He’s an arrogant prick that is also getting laid off and unfortunately him and I are kind of on the same boat. BUT IN THE END OUR BOATS ARE SAILING IN TOTALLY DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. No other place wants to hire him or should hire him, while I already have other job offers set up. It has taken all of my strength not to tear him a new asshole via email. He told his students about MY BUSINESS and I had to find out from one of MY students that he was doing this. This poor girl had to email me notifying me how upset she was that I hadn’t told her and asked me what the heck was going on.

So what is the moral of this story? Besides that some people are real pricks and instead of murdering him via harsh words, I wrote a very strongly worded email to my boss informing him of my disappointment. At the end of the day, no person should have the right to share your personal life with others without consulting you. But to go back and fight them on it is really letting them win, because you stoop to their low and evil level. Is this guy a complete asshole? Totally. Would an email from me really change that? Probably not. The core of who we are really doesn’t change and his classless actions have further proven what a good choice it was to let him go (we are not on the same boat when it comes to why we were laid off).

Karma’s a bitch. And I hope that someday what you’ve done bites you in the ass. A guy who truly cares about his students wouldn’t put them in the middle of his personal life. That makes them feel awkward and they feel sorry for you. THEY’RE KIDS LEAVE THEM OUT OF IT. And how dare you let kids in on what’s going on with me; that’s my business to tell them, when I’m ready and when I feel that they are. Nice job asshole. Good luck with that job search.

Open Doors

Open Doors

Happy that after seeing so many doors opening and closing in my life in the past month, I finally have found one that I am excited to walk through.