Music Magic


Does the type of music that we listen to really shape who we are as people? Our tastes, loves, goals, moods; I think all of these things can be affected by the music that we listen to. Music is not only a huge part of my life now, but it was a huge part of my life growing up as well. My mother loved and still loves R&B and hip-hop. It’s always been interesting to have a “cool” Mom who listens to top 100 hits – even today she runs a workout class where she makes weekly playlists that continue to be something I can jam out to. On the opposite end of things my biological father loves hardcore rock and roll music – from this stems any rock music that I listen to today. He really listened to the classics; Godsmack, Nirvana, Metallica. The list goes on and on. 


So how did this shape what I listen to today? Well rock and R&B combined can give a bluesy feel, which is probably what I listen to most. However, my Ipod can range from Slipknot to Chris Brown (both violent so maybe that’s where the connect is; kidding, kind of). I don’t really know how I would classify my musical taste, but I do know that what I’m listening to definitely depends on my mood. I can say that there are bands I always flock back to after any given hiatus of listening to new music; My Chemical Romance, Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys-these guys seem to keep my attention time and time again. But I, as a strong badass female, always love a hardcore girl rock band aka Alison Mosshart and Brody Dalle could have my girl babies. 


As much as I love the beats and harmonies from music, the thing that really can affect me are the lyrics in a song. Being a literary enthusiast, I absolutely dissect songs based on their lyrics, so a band that has shitty or repetitive lyrics will not make it on my soul playlist, so to speak. Lyrics are what stay true to your heart even after the music has stopped playing. Lyrics are what can connect us all through song. 


So does music affect who we are or were as people? Of course. That’s why I’m such a badass rockstar. Kidding, but not really. 


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