This time.

I started this blog months ago in the hope that it would inspire me to quit my job and pursue my dreams. I have always been afraid of the unknown and of risk in general. I went to school, crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s, and always did what I was told. I took the easy route in school, getting my degree in secondary education. In my mind, I thought that education was the way to go because it was stable and meant that I would be able to always have a job (which in this ever-failing economy is a blessing). I knew that I would be able to read writing pieces and discuss literature everyday with my students, so I could get my creative fill in their ever blossoming love of literature. Boy was I wrong. 

The education system in our country is flawed, not because of the teachers, but because of the new mentality of our society. We need everything RIGHT NOW and if we don’t get our way, we complain until we do. Parents do not allow their students to take responsibility because before they can even get a word in, the parent has fought their battles for them. This is not the world that I was raised in. If I got in trouble in school (a rarity) my mother would ask me what did YOU do wrong, not, why was your teacher picking on you?! How dare she!!!! 

So my new friends, what is the reason for this rant you ask? To inform the universe that someone who was once inspired by the idea and realm of education has now been destroyed by complaints and criticism. I have a love for literature that I will not allow to be tarnished by GPA’s and school acceptance letters. 

This year it is my goal to find a new profession that will allow me to truly flex my creative muscles. In searching for this, I also have the goal to blog daily (weekly at the least) in order to remind myself of why I am doing all of this. 

Stay creative world. Don’t let society’s ideas and social norms drag you down. 


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